is a division of Alpha Medical L.L.C.. Alpha Medical has been manufacturing orthopedic and medical equipment since 1988. 

In 2013, I saw a need for an American made concealed carry gun holster that would conceal and securely carry virtually any type of hand gun close to the body during almost any activity and with any type of clothing. Using medical grade, breathable elastic I designed our line of belly band holsters. Over the years, our gun holsters have received great reviews from numerous individuals and law enforcement officers from agencies including the Secret Service, the FBI and police departments nationwide. One of the many things that make our holsters unique is that they can hold your firearm without being attached to your clothing. A Secret Service agent reported to us that they used our holsters while guarding an individual who runs. The Alpha Holster worked best for them because the agents could run along with the individual in athletic wear without their firearm constantly pulling their pants. When we asked how they found out about us the agent said from a fellow agent on George W. Bush's detail who uses an Alpha Holster on mountain bike rides with the president. A sheriff's deputy recently told us he likes our holsters because he can wear the holster over his vest to carry his backup weapon and when off duty he can wear it under his shirt. A construction worker also told us he uses the Alpha Holster because it is cool, comfortable, and does not get in the way while he is working furthermore his firearm is accessible even when he has his tool belt on.   

I guarantee you will be satisfied with your Alpha Holster and any other products made by Alpha Medical LLC. If for any reason you are not we will give you a full refund. Our gun holsters and firearm accessories are made in Rock Hill, SC USA with pride by Americans. 

Happy Shooting,
Erik Lengers